Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Om Brzee Namaha

To understand this mantra as I do, you need to know my source, Bridgett. She is Canadian, a successful businesswoman, driven from a childhood in poverty, brilliant and beautiful. She was a weekend IV nurse at the hospital while also being owner of a coffee shop and an aroma therapist, before dropping the nursing career to pursue business. Her coffee shop roasts its coffee, so the taste is above the others.

She is beautiful inside and out, stemming from her deep spiritual inner nature. As well as working 60-80 hours per week, she is the advanced PR for Swami Paramanand visiting in May. The universe serves her. For example, she needed to replace her source of pastries for the shop, so the couple who had years before supplied her with Hungarian pastries, walks into the shop, having moved back from Charleston, and want to again cater to her shop. Magic!

Bridgett, you are truly a light in the universe. I thank you for being.

The mantra requests plenty for everyone, not just oneself. I like that and she points out that is its strength. After telling me about it, I made sure I could at least spell it, and repeating it several times more to make sure I had it than for effect. Today, my retirement arrears was deposited in my bank account. Wow!

I cannot of course claim any cause and effect, but it sure seems a synchronicity. I’m perfectly happy with that. Thanks, Bridgett.

Did I mention she roasts her coffee?

Om Brzee Namaha.


  1. May I know what is the mantra you chanted?

  2. The mantra is "Oh Brzee Namaha." Go to

    for an audio of it.